Looking to Our Future

“Cindy and I feel a sense of responsibility to the WJC and the community; they’ve been around for so many of our life-cycle events and that has meant so much to us. We want the WJC to be around for young Jewish families in the area to have those same experiences.”

We are indeed fortunate to be part of a wonderful community that has been a source of comfort and joy for decades. We cannot, however, take the future for granted. To ensure that our Woodbury Jewish Center continues to provide services at a high level, we must invest now in our future, for both the fiscal and physical futures of our community. Please join fellow congregants in making a commitment to the Shelanu Campaign, one of the most important efforts in recent years at WJC.

Because the Shelanu Campaign embraces physical, programmatic, and financial aspects of our congregation, we have developed multiple ways for congregants to express their priorities through generous tax-deductible charitable gifts.

Five campaign portals highlight WJC’s priorities. Each has very special dedications that are either facility or programming needs, or longer term permanent endowment funding options. They include:


Giving opportunities range from sanctuary-related dedications such as the pews and the glass panels to endowing various clergy positions.


WJC boasts a fine educational program for tots through the senior adult years, but our classrooms require refurbishment and upgrading to transform them into contemporary learning areas. Donors can also consider endowing faculty positions, innovative educational programs, and other aspects that will create and sustain a superb set of educational opportunities.

arts & culture

One of the components of a 21st century Jewish congregation includes housing or hosting cultural programs that complement religious and educational efforts. Included in this portal are dedication opportunities for exhibit showcases and updating the kiddush rooms so they can be used for community gatherings and small conferences. We dream about being able to hold programs that will draw others to WJC, who will then come to love our home as much as we do!

community service

The role that WJC plays in the broader Jewish and non-Jewish communities depends on programming that deepens the congregation’s presence on Long Island and across the greater New York City area. These programs require financial support through our endowment program and will serve to strengthen WJC in a myriad of ways.

unrestricted support

Many donors prefer not to target their financial support but rather to instruct the WJC leadership to use their Shelanu Campaign contributions in the ways it deems a priority. Therefore, donors may choose to identify the “unrestricted support” option on their pledge agreement.

Donor Recognition

Donors who support Shelanu will receive recognition with appropriate listings in the campaign’s specially-created honor categories. Names wil be inscribed in perpetuity upon completion of the campaign. Download our Donor Recognition flyer for more information.

Five-Year Pledge

It is much easier than you might imagine for a contributor to make a capability commitment in this campaign. A pledge payable over five years actually “costs” a nominal amount when reduced to a per week calculation. Download our Cost Breakdown sheet to see how.

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