Our Next Set of Priorities

“We truly care for one another at WJC by sharing our lives with each other—unconditionally lending a hand in times of need, and gathering in celebration in times of joy. It’s an amazing thing to be a part of.”

Addressing facility priorities

We have seen what a difference the renewal of our sanctuary and other critical facets of our complex made for all of us.

OUR GOAL We must transform other areas of our beautiful building so that it can  house the kinds of creative and innovative programs that will propel WJC to new levels…ones that support what we have already achieved and allow for even more exhilarating programs and services for the future.

Building a firm institutional financial base

Just as our building depends on a stable physical foundation, our finances need a strong footing as well. For us, that means we need to build a significant endowment that will provide an additional stream of revenue to support our activities and enable our clergy and staff to develop even more innovative and creative programming.

OUR GOAL We must develop the financial resources to attract and retain members who share our Jewish passions and commitment no matter their financial capability. Therefore, WJC must emulate other strong congregations and nonprofits with an endowment program that is vibrant and appropriate for a congregation of our size.

Our Building

Our members take great pride in our beautiful and functional building. With the most recent renovations, we saw how continual investment is necessary to maintain our heavily used complex. The renovation of the sanctuary was exceptional, but represented just the first step in a long-overdue program to beautify and modernize every aspect of our facilities.

OUR GOAL We must update the kiddush rooms, the main lobby, the educational areas, and the administrative offices. The glass panels in the sanctuary, a stellar feature of our main worship space, require attention as well.

Our Finances

The devoted leadership of our congregation has worked exceptionally hard to make certain that WJC operates within its means. This has led to some difficult decisions but has allowed the congregation to move forward with programs intact. In fact, staying financially strong requires bold actions that will enable the development of forward-looking programs and services that meet the demands of every sector of our congregational family.  To continue the responsible actions of our leadership and to ensure that our congregation has the necessary financial resources to expand our successful foundation of activities and retain and attract the best clergy and staff, we must build our endowment.

Just as our building allows us the space to house our programs and worship, a fully funded endowment will provide the necessary resources to fund traditional and innovative activities. In addition, the endowment will enable our congregation to meet future financial challenges.

With a well-funded endowment we will be able to:

  • establish and sustain contemporary programming and educational opportunities for all ages, from tots to seniors;
  • continue to attract and retain qualified and visionary clergy and professional staff;
  • ensure that full participation in synagogue life remains affordable to all;
  • create programs and initiatives that extend beyond the synagogue walls and reach people where they are; and
  • meet the challenges of fluctuations in membership and the economy.

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